Advanced Open Water Bundle 4

Advanced Open Water Bundle 4


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Part Number:93700670.COURSE Manufacturer: SSI

Advanced Open Water Bundle Choose 4 Courses.

This is to be taken after the standard Open Water Course and having logged 24 or more dives in SSI App.

Save up to $376 with this bundle over buying courses seperatly. 

Call 281-367-6664 to schedule 4 of the below courses after purchase of this bundle. 

1. Nitrox (Enriched Air) Diver 

2 .Boat Diving 

3. Pefecet Bouyancy 

4. Deep Diving 

5. Equipment Diving 

6. Night & Limited Visibility 

7. Navigation 

8. Digital U/W Photography 

9.Full Face 

10. Waves, Tides and Currents 


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