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Dr. Mike DeLitta - Master Instructor - Instructor Trainer  - Diving since 1994

Dr. Mike DeLitta started diving in 1994 after winning a contest for an all-expenses paid trip to Grand Cayman. While there, he enrolled in a resort course and was hooked.

He became an instructor in 2010 and had worked his way all the way to Master Instructor and Instructor Trainer. In addition, he holds 26 Specialty Instructor certifications.

Dr. Mike spends most of his time teaching professional programs (e.g., Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, Instructor) but does occasionally teach open water students and specialties upon request.

Dr. Mike's favorite place to dive is Bonaire and has led a number of dive center trips there. His favorite fish is the Yellowtail Damselfish.

He had logged over 1,300 dives and has recently certified his wife Julie as a Dive Master.  He loves underwater photography and has had a number of his photos published.





Jason Caddell - Advanced Open Water Instructor - Diving since




Michael Ferguson - Advanced Open Water Instructor - Diving since

Quickly became hooked on diving and wanted to share my diving experience with everyone say the word scuba and you will get a nice long conversation and friend.  Love sharks and dolphins they are my favorite species to dive with but enjoy nemo also.  You will always have fun diving in some of the favorite Caribbean hotspots,  like on an live a board in Belize or shore diving in Bonaire each has beautiful clear waters and great folks and food to enjoy.





Chuck Motschman - Advanced Open Water Instructor - SCUBA Ranger Instructor - Diving since 1988

My passion for diving began 32 years ago. Scuba diving first captured my attention while working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) in the late 80’s and I became an SSI certified diver in 1988. I love to explore beneath the surface of the water and have not been disappointed. Over the years I have increased my love of diving through recreational experience, training, working part-time as a diver at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium’s shark exhibit (sharks are my favorite), and participating in the annual NOAA expeditions out to the Flower Garden Banks in the (GOM). My favorite dive place is Cozumel, Mexico. Warm water and calm currents provide easy drift diving that never disappoints. I currently hold multiple instructor certifications, but my passion is teaching new Open Water dive students the sport. It’s always exciting, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others. 



Matt Rutledge - SSI Open Water Instructor - Commisioned March 2021



Randy Austin - SSI Open Water Instructor - Commisioned March 2021




Gary Conner - Asst Instructor Trainer - Diving since 2012

Stopped by the Dive Store in 2012, enrolled in Try SCUBA, that was it, I was Hooked, went on to be a Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, then Open Water Water Instructor, currently March 2021, over 1000 dives, Favorite spots - Belize (Aggressor Live Aboard), Roatan, Cozumel , Grand Caymans, (Little Caymans too) Bonaire - with diving in the Red Sea Hurghada Egypt, Turkey, and Sorrento Italy




Store Supervisor - Mermaid Instructor - Divemaster in Training 

Hi! My name is Isabella Tyson. I’m 19 years old.


Growing up I watched a lot of National Geographic, wildlife documentaries, Zaboomafoo and my idol, Steve Irwin. Of course I watched other cartoons such as spongebob, but I LOVED animals when I was younger and to this date I still LOVE them. My dream job is being a wildlife photographer for National Geographic. I learned how to swim before learning how to walk so naturally, I love being in the water. I played soccer and did Brazilian jujitsu as my childhood sports. I’m also bilingual. I grew up learning both languages at the same time. I also started my first three years of education in Spanish speaking schools.


I was a 2020 graduate, yeah, I was one of the unlucky ones that graduated through Covid. I’ve come to terms with it… kind of. I was a A / B Honor roll student in primarily AP / advanced classes, my GPA was 3.5.  I’m not only a nerd I swear. I participated in many activities such as basketball, wrestling and waterpolo. I didn’t play for the soccer team but I would practice with them for extra conditioning because of overlapping sports. I also was part of the Art club, I actually won a scholarship for one of my pieces. I still play waterpolo with a select team and I’ll play pick up games for basketball / soccer with friends. I no longer wrestle, but I still do MMA. I’ve also picked up rock climbing, absolutely love it! Some of my down time activities consist of reading, watching tv ( documentaries, anime, cartoons ), hanging with my family / pets and learning languages on Duolingo. Occasionally catching up on sleep whenever I can.


Now that I’m graduated I took a gap year to figure out what it was that I wanted to do with my life. I was pursuing modeling / acting for a bit but Covid took a really big hit to that industry and it’s still recovering. I am part of an agency and it was like I was part of a trade school, I was actually taking classes, doing homework and tests.


In the middle of the pandemic, one day my twin brother was like “ Izzy, you should get scuba certified with Dad and I” and me the weirdo I was at the time said “ Why would I ever need to get that certification? Where even would we scuba dive at? We live in TEXAS!” Well, here I am now, Manager of the Woodlands Dive Center. I got certified Back In February of this year, and have fell in love with it since. I’m currently about to become a Dive Master with Instructor as end goal down the line. I have 46 logged dives and a couple of assistant hours logged as well. My first 40 dives were all international and my last 6 were here at the Blue Lagoon in Huntsville which is where we teach at. I think my ultimate goal in the dive industry is to eventually own my own dive shop somewhere with great diving, or to be a successful dive guide / instructor at a resort somewhere. On top of my Scuba Diving activities, I’m also the first and only (as of now ) certified Mermaid Instructor in Texas. It’s basically level one free diving / snorkeling certifications but with a mono-fin and tail. I’m also a snorkel instructor. I plan on getting my free diving instructor certification soon as well. What’s cool about me being a part of this industry is that not many females are in it, so it does give other females a sense of security when I’m able to help guide them through the industry. The bilingual aspect helps a lot as well l, especially considering where we live and how many Spanish speaking families we have in the area. Also, I meet so many cool people in the dive community, it’s a great one to be a part of!


So as we can see there’s a lot of stuff that I do and I’ve decided to take on some basic classes at lone star on top of all that. It is hard as I barely have time in general because I work full time. But I’m wanting to get back into school and take some time to focus on education on top of work.