Woodlands Dive Center is Happy to Provide repair and maintenance services for all your SCUBA Equipment. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to work on many of the top brands. 

Flowbench Test Station

This assures the best possible adjustment for any regulator which leads to easier breathing and longer dives. We can simulate required airflow at various depths beyond 150 ft. It also allows us to Flow check your regulator on High, Mid and Low tank pressure at the same time.

Heated Ultrasonic Cleaners

The combination of a special solution and Ultra Sonic Waves allow us to remove all corrosion and help extend the life of your regulator. This procedure also removes excess lubrication residue such as silicone grease that can be dangerous when using Enriched Air Nitrox.

Certified by all the top Manufacturers

  • Atomic

  • Aqualung

  • Apex

  • Cressi

  • Genesis

  • Hollis

  • Mares

  • Oceanic 

  • Scuba Pro

  • Sea Quest

  • Shearwater

  • Sherwood

  • Suunto Dive

  • TUSA

  • U.S. Divers

  • Uwatec

  • Zeagle

Service Guidelines

Before you dive, come in for an equipment inspection and evaluation.

Let us help educate you!

Proper maintenance of your equipment ensures your safety and allows you to relax and enjoy the scuba experience. Plan ahead! Due to high volumes, we suggest you bring your equipment in for service for a month or more prior to your travel dates. Plus, after service is performed, you can try out your equipment in our pool for free! Here’s what we strongly recommend (also, refer to the owners manual(s) for your equipment):

Available Services

  • Complete Service Packages Available

  • Regulator Testing

  • Octopus Testing

  • Alternate Air Source Testing

  • BCD Testing

  • Nitrox Service

  • Computer Battery Replacement

  • Scuba Cylinders: Visual VIP and Hydrostatic Testing

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Need Your Equipment Serviced And Live Out Of Town? Don’t have time to bring it to us?

No problem!

Just send us your equipment, we’ll service it and gladly ship it back to you when it’s completed.  All you need to do is fill out this form and send us your equipment!

  • State Of The Art Repair Facility

  • Flowbench Test Station

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Oxygen Safe Lubricant

Properly working equipment increases your enjoyment, safety, and… bottom time.

In our award-winning Service Department, we can help assure that your

equipment will provide ALL of this and more…


Do You Know What The Inside Of  Your Reg Looks Like?

Service and Repair

Sand commonly found inside regulator second stage.

schematic-4-sm schematic-5-sm

schematic-6-150 second-stage-octopus

These images are for visual reference only and are not intended to be used as a teaching or repair guide. They generally represent various stages and components typically used in scuba diving.