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Dr. Mike DeLitta

Dr. Mike DeLitta

Dr. Mike DeLitta started diving in 1994 after winning a contest for an all-expenses paid trip to Grand Cayman. While there, he enrolled in a resort course and was hooked.

He became an instructor in 2010 and had worked his way all the way to Master Instructor and Instructor Trainer. In addition, he holds 26 Specialty Instructor certifications.

Dr. Mike spends most of his time teaching professional programs (e.g., Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, Instructor) but does occasionally teach open water students and specialties upon request.

Dr. Mike's favorite place to dive is Bonaire and has led a number of dive center trips there. His favorite fish is the Yellowtail Damselfish.

He had logged over 1,300 dives and has recently certified his wife Julie as a Dive Master.  He loves underwater photography and has had a number of his photos published.